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Naomi Osaka Wins Her 2nd US Open Title in 3 Years As She Continues On The Path Of Becoming a Sports Icon

SUPERSTAR. Naomi Osaka is a superstar. Today she battled back from a disaster start, that saw her lose the first set 6-1, to win her 3rd grand slam title of her career and second US Open in three years. If you had a chance to watch, it was an awesome match. Vika came out firing from the get-go, completely dominating. Osaka raised her level in the 2nd to snap out of her funk and gain back the momentum. All the credit to Azarenka for fighting back in the 3rd set when she was pretty much dead herself. Osaka just out-lasted her. She's the first woman to win the US Open Final after losing the first set since 1994. Pretty nuts. 

Throughout the tournament Osaka used her platform to spread awareness towards the BLM movement by wearing different masks on the court. When Tom Rinaldi asked her what message she was trying to send, she answered, "what was the message you got?" Great answer. 

She's becoming an icon in the sports world. You might think a tennis player can't do that, but she's getting to that level. Sucks she still has yet to get a normal US Open title win though. If you remember the first time she won Serena caused that ridiculous scene while screaming that she was a mother and thought the head chair umpire was robbing her of the match. Osaka basically apologized for winning at the podium as the fans were booing. Fucking Serena. This time we're in the middle of a pandemic and there were zero fans to applaud. Girl can't catch a break! I've got a feeling she'll get a lot more chances down the road for that. Also a $3 million check ain't too shabby either. 

Dominic Thiem's turn tomorrow for his first career slam. I personally think he's going to destroy Zverev.