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Marcus Smart Declares The Celtics Are Now "THE KING OF THE NORTH"

Talk that shit Marcus!!! You heard the man, from here on out you will now refer to Marcus Smart and the Boston Celtics as the King Of The North. That's just how this works. You wouldn't dare call Marcus Smart a liar would you? I certainly don't think so. What a tweet by the heart and soul of this team. Marcus Smart willed this team to victory out of pure heart. He refused to let this team lose. So you bet your ass he's going to talk shit after winning this series. After all the bullshit that went on over the course of these seven games, I'm all for it. That's what you do after a tough series. Celebrate tonight and focus on Miami tomorrow. 

This is why we love Marcus. It took him no time to get that tweet out there too. That tells me he had this one in the chamber just waiting for the right time to drop it. That's the Marcus Smart I know and love.