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Every Xzibit Entrance From Pimp My Ride Takes Us Into The Weekend

Been a heavy day if not a heavy year, so let's send things into the weekend with the most wondefully ridiculous thing I stumbled upon today: Xzibit walking toward the camera before all his episodes of Pimp My Ride.

Even the description made me laugh.

Just 10 straight minutes of Xzibit (and a few seconds of Chamillionaire, but those suck) elaborately walking towards a camera. Amazing.

For as good as Xzibit is walking toward a camera, Chamillionaire is bad at it. But any true PMR fan already knew that.

This glorious video serves as a digital time capsule that perfectly records the music of the times as well as the throwback jerseys of the past while Xzibit did wacky things in front of a camera. My personal favorite was X hopping on the train tracks, him shooting lightning at other Xzibits like a Raiden vs. Raiden vs. Raiden triple threat match, and the one where X to the Z wore a shirt that looks like it came from my closet.

Somewhere in the world, somebody has a hard drive (or whatever was used to store video files during the Pimp My Ride days) filled with unused takes of Xzibit walking toward camera. And I would like to tell that person I am willing to pay top dollar for that footage since these 10 minutes were not NEARLY enough.

Have a great weekend everybody!