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And Now Danuel House Is Straight Up EVICTED From The Bubble For Sneaking A Chick Into His Hotel Room For 'Multiple Hours'

And there we have it. The final ruling in the Danuel House sneaking a coronavirus tester or someone dressed up like a coronavirus tester into his hotel room at the bubble for some alleged sex. Gotta admit, we got a little bit of everything here. It starts with the obvious porn setup of the tester sneaking into a hotel room. That's just porn 101. Then we had the twist where it was reported she had contact with two other Rockets - and absolutely none with House: 

And now this. House just straight up evicted from the bubble. I legit can't wait for the 30 for 30 on the bubble. We need all the behind the scenes footage, including these cameras. We're talking about a hotel. There are cameras EVERYWHERE, so you know there's footage of her sneaking in and out. Gotta see how it all went down. Unless, you know, the ultimate rumor of LeBron being the leak here has the footage like this: 

And sure, 'rest of the year' sounds harsh when talking about the suspension here, but the Rockets are getting eliminated tomorrow, 1 game after that max. So really he's just getting an early flight home by a day or two. It just goes to show you that sex is undefeated. It will always, ALWAYS win. You get caught up in bubble life for a couple of months, you're going to sneak a coronavirus tester into your room. 

Oh and PS: Sick brag about the multiple hours. Must be nice and at least the NBA did him right there. Could have been like 'she was in and out in a matter of minutes.' That would be more realistic for most of us, but nice to throw House a bone at least with the verbiage.