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2020 NFL Training Camps Mic'd Up Taking You into the Weekend

I'm not claiming this is the best Mic'd Up segment NFL Films has ever produced. Far from it. But given the fact there were serious doubts 2020 training camps would ever begin, or make it all the way through, or not have bodies piled up around the edges of the practice fields like the Black Death of the 1340s, this is still a gift from the Gridiron Gods. 

Last night, real football was a great appetizer. In less than 48 hours we get to dig in and pile out plates high. A slate of games that count. Real uniforms, not shorts and shells. Seeing rookies compete for the first time. Betting. NFL Red Zone going to the four-box. Your Fantasy league. Day drinking. Blowing off the things your significant other would rather be doing. All the Most of the things that make this most uniquely American institution such a rewarding part of your one and only life on this little blue space marble. 

Right now I don't care where your loyalties like or who's on the t-shirt you'll be wearing, I'm as happy for you as I am for myself. Congratulations. You've made it to the first NFL weekend. Make the most of it.