Skip Bayless Tries to Explain Away His Dumbassery Toward Dak Prescott and Fails Miserably

OK, so I'm glad that's settled. Now it's clear as dogshit. Thanks, Skip!

To review: Yes, Skip Bayless suggested Dak Prescott was out of line talking about suffering depression because after all, he's the quarterback of America's Team, not just some ordinary human. See, according to Skip's way of thinking, you've got to keep that stuff private. Just between you and your therapist. Or maybe a close friend or two. But never discuss it around anyone else. It's best when you're struggling with something to keep it bottled up inside. Shove those feelings way, way deep down. They way they used to tell guys when they came home from wars. Stiff upper lip, Old Boy and all that. That always worked out so well. 

Granted, not talking about depression didn't do Junior Seau much good. But then he wasn't the quarterback of the Dallas fricking Cowboys, with all that entails.

But Skip wasn't talking about Dak being depressed about his brother's suicide. He was talking about Dak being depressed under quarantine in the middle of a pandemic. The former is legitimate in Skip's world, the latter is just being a lousy teammate. There are different levels of (his words) Dak Depression. In the opinion of noted mental health expert Skip Bayless, you can't treat them with a One Dak Depression Fits All approach on your hot take-based sports talk show.

Got it. Great take. Though it was (his words again) misconstrued by many. Just like they'll misconstrue these comments as not apologizing to Dak Prescott just because Skip never actually came anywhere close to apologizing to Dak Prescott. 

All sarcasm aside, this is not a call for Skip Bayless to be canceled. On the contrary. Like I've always said, I want someone who can be this objectively wrong about a serious subject in front of a microphone so we can keep tabs on him and what he's thinking. They way marine biologists tag sharks to study their movements and how they hunt. The more a guy like Bayless talks, the more we understand what a vapid imbecile he is and how desperate he is to say anything that will generate buzz around his idiotic show. 

So call him a clueless, insensitive buffoon. But don't say he's tone deaf just because this is how he chose to begin the day.