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Larry Fitzgerald Says He'll Finally Retire If One Thing And One Thing Only Happens - The Cardinals Win The Super Bowl

[PFT] - Fitzgerald said today that if the Cardinals were to win the Super Bowl, he’d officially have accomplished everything he wanted to accomplish in the game of football, and he would call it a career.

“You wouldn’t see me around here anymore if that happened,” Fitzgerald said.

So Larry Fitzgerald is just never retiring right? The Cardinals don't really have a shot to win the Super Bowl this year. I say that even with the fact that I really like Kyler Murray and they traded for DeAndre Hopkins. I think they are going to be a ton of fun to watch and they'll be okay. Feel like an 8-8 year, which for the Cardinals is mostly a win lately. 

You know what? I don't ever want him to retire. He's one of those guys that is just comfort watching. I don't want to know an NFL without Larry Fitzgerald. He's played in the league for over half my life as a 33-year old. That's pretty ridiculous when you think about it. And yeah, I know he's the one person pretty much everyone agrees that want to see get a ring, but he HAS to play for the Cardinals. I need to watch the 4:05pm kick with the Cards trying to cover a spread and sweating out Kyler Murray as your fantasy QB. I can't have him on the Pats or some other team that's always in contention. It just feels wrong. There are some players that just NEED to play their entire career with one team and Fitz is one of them. 

I'm still so pissed that Santonio Holmes caught that pass and the Steelers beat them in the Super Bowl. I HATE the Steelers. This isn't a Cincinnati thing - I grew up in Pennsylvania where there are a combo of 1/3 Eagles fans, 1/3 Steelers fans and a 1/3 Ravens fans. It was the worst. All those franchises can suck my butt. Still such a ridiculous catch

But Larry Fitzgerald's play in the same game shouldn't be overlooked

Whether it was Pitt at college or with the Cardinals the dude is an absolute freak. He's for sure on the shortlist of most beloved athletes regardless of who you cheer for. I can't think of one person who hates Larry Fitzgerald. Also love the ultimatum that he'll only retire if they win the Super Bowl. See you for year 18 in 2021 Fitz.