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Dame Went Off On Twitter After Michael Porter Jr. Spent His Press Conference Bitching About Not Getting The Ball

So last night after game 4, MPJ went to his postgame press conference and decided to bitch and moan about the Nuggets offensive plan. Mostly, he bitched about not being more involved. Porter was 5-8 for 15 points, but naturally the offense goes through Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic.

But here’s where it gets interesting. Damian Lillard, who will say anything to anyone decided to chime in via Twitter 

Then you have John Hollinger dropping this 

It’s not exactly a secret that MPJ had attitude questions coming out of Missouri. Shit, coming out of high school those questions were there. Yes him being injured and his back is the main reason he fell, but there were other concerns like this.

Here’s the main problem with this. MPJ is a huge negative defensively and a main reason the Nuggets give up buckets. He can’t defend worth a damn. Yes, he’s a scorer and playmaker but he’s still the third option at best. Jamal Murray has arguably been the best offensive player in the playoffs. Jokic initiates. MPJ is still developing an NBA game.

I love Dame though. The dude isn’t going to hold back. He doesn’t care at all. We need more of that.