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This Jon Cooper Fist Pump Belongs In The Hockey Hall Of Fame

What a win for the Tampa Bay Hockey Lightning. They've already been playing forever without Stamkos. Then they lose Alex Killorn in the 1st period after he logs less than 2 minutes of ice time. Then they lose Brayden Point in the 2nd period after he logs less than 10 minutes of ice time. And these sick bastards still find a way to pull out a buzzer beater win in the dying moments of regulation. And Jonny Coops was buhhhhhhzzzzzzzzzing on the bench. 

Just look at this man go. That's a tri-pump for all you boys and girls back home. Three (3!!!) fist pumps and then I can't make out whether it's a "fuckin' right!" or a "fuck yeah, boys!". But either way, the man was fired up beyond belief. Probably even swallowed that stick of gum that he's always smackin' around behind the bench. About as elite of a reaction as you're ever going to get out of a coach in the National Hockey League. Only guys who comes close would be Laviolette. 

Lavy had the double arm load up going for him here, but Coop ended up covering more ground and that 3rd pump really sent him over the top. Just some beautiful work all around. And how can you blame the guy? This pass was NASTY. 

Ryan McDonagh hey how are ya. What a find. What a feed. Split the seas, put it right on the money for Kucherov, and the Bolts get it done in regulation. Pretty much a no-looker, too. That freak. Between getting shit pumped for 8 goals in game 1 and then losing game 2 with 8 seconds left on the clock, that might be it for the Isles. Pray for Frankie.