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The TV (Not Even Sure If You Can Call It That) That Kanye Watched The Celtics/Raptors Game On Is, In A Word, Breathtaking

I'm not going to lie it took me more than a half second to even notice there was a person standing there. This just reminds me of Kenny Smith doing his film breakdown at halftime but at least 4x the size of the screen. Just absolutely breathtaking. I want, no, I NEED to watch a game with Kanye now. I'll listen him ramble about all his bullshit. Just let me catch a game on that beauty. 

What is it with rappers and ridiculous TV's? Remember when R. Kelly got caught watching a game on a TV that mimicked that of Michael Scott's? 

Really Kanye's TV set up just shows how awesome being rich is. You only get that size projection screen if you're rich. Pretty sure that's not even in stores we're allowed to go to. Must be nice. But the real question is, did my man not get a chair? Granted the game was awesome (WE THE NORTH, you gotta sit down at some point.