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Justin Timberlake Joins Team Trying to Bring Major League Baseball to Nashville

Music City Baseball, which already features the likes of World Series champions Dave Dombrowski and Dave Stewart, has gained another star in its effort to bring a Major League team to Nashville: Justin Timberlake.

Timberlake is obviously one of the most recognizable Tennesseans on the planet and is already a minority owner of the Memphis Grizzlies. I don't know exactly what his job in the organization will be aside from being an investor, but bringing on a guy like Timberlake could never hurt in anything you're trying to do.

The Tennessean — "I am thrilled to be involved in the movement to bring Major League Baseball to the great state of Tennessee,” Timberlake said in a statement. “I believe in Music City Baseball’s vision of linking baseball and music in a unique way to unite and entertain people and I am excited to help generate awareness throughout the community as we share our vision for bringing MLB to Music City.”

I don't know what other lobbying groups for MLB teams have looked like in the past, but I can't imagine there have been too many with more star power from both the baseball side as well as the business and entertainment side than Music City Baseball.

As I've said, I would never be able to diminish my Atlanta Braves fandom even a little bit, but it would be so cool to have an MLB team in Nashville. The secret is pretty much out at this point on what an incredible place Nashville is and I can't imagine anything which would make it even better more than a Major League Baseball franchise.

There's still a ton to be ironed out as far as a stadium and money from a city so impacted by the lack of tourism recently, but I haven't heard anything about any other groups across the country like this one. Nashville seems to really have its ducks in a row in order to potentially get a team. I mean, we have Justin Fucking Timberlake. I'd wager there are not five more universally beloved people in this country. Just waltz him into every meeting and it's game over.

If Rob Manfred brings Major League Baseball to Tennessee, he is the greatest commissioner in sports. That is simply a fact.