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Back to the Tower: Everything You Need to Know Ahead of Tomorrow's Stool Streams VIII Broadcast

After a week-long break, we are back in action inside the Triple S tomorrow. A handful of folks make their return to the Jenga tower, while a few will make their debuts. Let's check out who will be participating in the War of 54 at 1 PM ET.

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Match 1 (Donnie/Donny vs. Liz/Trysta)

History: Donnie 1-0, Donny debut, Liz 1-1, Trysta debut (1-0 in Cornhole)

Storylines to Know: Same name, new game. The Donnie(y)'s have been through everything together, but the golden question is... will this translate to the Jenga tower? On the flip side, Liz and Trysta do not have much in common.

Quotes to Remember: "We've been in a Heroin tunnel below Vegas together, also been on border of Afghanistan together. Jenga will be easy." - The Wonton Don

"I think it will be a long match. I think Donnies will wear sunglasses the whole time to tweak us out and probably be high, I don't know if that will help of hurt." - Trysta

Analysis: This match will all come down to the veteran on each team shoeing the rookie the ropes. Who will be a better leader, Donnie or Liz?

Question 1 - Winning Team/Losing Block

Question 2 - Total Blocks

Match 2 (KFC/Feitelberg vs. Tommy/Hubbs)

History: KFC making debut, Feits 1-1, Tommy 0-2, Hubbs making Jenga debut (0-2 Table Tennis)

Storylines to Know: Battle of Dynamic Duos. Each of these pairs co-host a podcast together. Will KFC Radio or The Short Porch prevail?

Quotes to Remember: "You put me in any competition if my two opponents weight a combined 200 pounds, I think we're good." - Feits

"I taught Hubbs a lot about life and he lacks a lot of life skills, so showing him the ropes is something I'm happy to do as a friend and mentor." - Tommy Smokes

Analysis: I'm expecting KFC and Feits to come out swinging tomorrow. Can Tommy and Hubbs extend the match to make their opponents bored?

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Question 3 - Winning Team/Losing Block

Question 4 - Total Blocks

Match 3 (Billy Football/Nate vs. Robbie Trent)

History: Billy 1-1, Nate 2-1, Robbie 0-1, Trent 0-2

Storylines to Know: Roommates Align. Robbie and Trent will have some extra time in the locker room, aka their apartment, to strategize for this matchup. Will that help them or will they get sick of each other?

Quotes to Remember: "I've never done anything with Billy, I'm looking forward to it [playing with him]." - Nate

"I can already see everything Billy is going to do to piss off Nate. They are the opposite of us. Billy is gonna piss Nate off, that's their demise." Trent

Analysis: This one will come down to whether or not Billy and Nate can work well together. We already know what the roommates will bring to the table, can Billy and Nate match that intensity?

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Question 5 - Winning Team/Losing Block

Question 6 - Total Blocks (Exact Number)

Lastly, here is the pulling order for tomorrow in each of the three matches:

We will see you inside the Triple S at 1 PM ET. Jeff D. Lowe and I will be in the booth, with Mr. Commenter roaming the sidelines with a SICK suit he will be rocking. We'll see you then.