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BREAKING: Brooks Koepka Withdraws From The US Open

Son of a bitch! That fucking sucks man. A lot. Brooks Koepka, the 2017 and 2018 US Open champ, will not be competing at Winged Foot next week. It's those damn nagging injuries. Koepka's hip and knee have been messing with him ever since he slipped on wet concrete in South Korea 9 months ago. He hasn't been 100% since. It's those same nagging injuries that forced him to withdraw from the Northern Trust and the FedEx Playoffs. At the time, everyone was hoping Koepka would get the rest and recovery he needed in order to play in the US Open. Clearly that didn't happen so we will be without one one of the best golfers in the world at one of the toughest tournaments. You know it just kills Brooks to not be playing in a major. The dude LIVES for majors and has pretty much dominated them in the past couple of years. Brooks loves majors so much that he only kinda sorta but doesn't really care about non-major tournaments. He's been criticized for his.....lack of enthusiasm when it comes to non-majors but those critics don't matter in the slightest when you rattle off 4 major victories in a very small amount of time. You can't really blame him.

Long story short, this sucks. Golf is at its best when its greatest players are battling it out on the world's toughest courses. Winged Foot and Brooks Koepka seemed like a match made in heaven but sadly we won't see it happen. Huge bummer.