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LSU Will Have 25,000+ Fans In The Stands In Two Weeks While The Big Ten Sits At Home

I just don't get it, folks. How in the world can LSU host Mississippi State in 17 days and pack 25,000+ fans into the stands, but the Big Ten and more importantly the Buckeyes have to sit at home and watch? I know that life isn't fair but this is just flat out wrong. Nebraska players are suing Kevin Warren and the Big Ten for loss of future income or whatever, but I think Ohio State FANS should be allowed to sue them for loss of fun. You can't put a price on happiness. And ladies and gentlemen, I haven't been happy in a month. And I won't be for another 12. I mean, what am I supposed to do on November 26th? Watch LSU vs. Mississippi State or go apple picking with my girlfriend? I'd rather be on fire than do either. 

And LSU fans, SHUT UP with your moaning right now on Twitter. Today should be a happy day for you. But the replies to this news are filled with anger and sadness? You and the rest of the SEC have spent the last decade saying how Ohio State fans are the biggest whiners and complainers for our gripes over the rankings and the playoff selections, but right now, you guys sound like the biggest group of crybabies I've ever met. You get football this year. You get 25,000+ fans in the stands. But now you don't get tailgating?? Aweeeeee. I'm so sorry for your loss. Grow up.

Embarrassing. Be grateful for what you have. Some of us having nothing right now. This is like complaining about having to wear a mask at work while there's hundreds of thousands of people that are out of work. Be thankful. YOU GET FOOTBALL. Not having tailgating is the biggest no big deal in the entire world right now. Just pack the house parties in even deeper. You'll figure it out.