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The City Of Philadelphia Tells The Sixers To Frig Off With Their Plans For A New Arena

There was a meeting today to decide on how to develop Penn's Landing (a nice little strip right off of 95 on the Delaware River Waterfront for those of you who aren't familiar). The Sixers, who are a bunch of underachieving assholes and are owned by a spineless coward who doesn't give a single shit about Philly sports, were hoping that they'd be able to use the space to build a new arena for when their contract with Wells Fargo Center runs up. These fucking losers figured it's not bad enough to constantly disappoint the city in one centralized location down at the Sports Complex, but now they really want to spread it out even further up 95. 

Honestly. The balls on these guys. I know it's not like they necessarily had a choice on the timing of this proposal, but the fact that this came right after one of the most humiliating playoff exits in franchise history is pure comedy. You really want the city to give a shit about your new arena after you just got swept out of the 1st round by the Celtics? Get lost. And Josh Harris? Josh Harris can eat a bag of dicks. Dude already owns the New Jersey Devils and he was making a strong push to buy the Mets. Do you really think this dude gives a damn about Philly sports when he's going out of his way to own some of the city's biggest rivals? Not in the slightest. He's just a greedy little rat who wants to bleed you out of all your money while he continues to own a team that can't get out of their own way and wasted years and years of the Process for what? To never make it past the 2nd round and to have their season ended by the Celtics twice? Josh Harris SUUUUUUUCKS. So the last thing that weasel deserves is his own arena in the city. 

So luckily for everybody, the city decided to tell the Sixers to frig off and go in a different direction with the space. 

So now it'll be housing, a hotel and a bunch of retail shops. Nothing great or anything but it sure as hell beats the shit out of rewarding the Sixers for being the biggest underachievers in modern history. And it beats the shit out of giving Josh Harris his own building in the city. Josh Harris might be the only person I hate more than I hate Comcast, so I get a great sense of satisfaction that he has to pay rent to Comcast to play in the Wells Fargo Center. 

Sidenote: The only time the Sixers are ever actually any good is when they're playing at Wells Fargo Center. So I have no idea why anybody would want them to leave anyway. Besides the fact that Josh Harris would want to make money off of the move.