After 1,000 High School Football Games, There Are Zero Reports Of Significant Community COVID Spread

This is what we like to call, good news.

SOURCE-Throughout the Spring and Summer there was some concern that football games and the crowds that come to them could be a spreading point for Covid. So much of a concern in fact, that a number of states aren’t planning to play this Fall. However, many states sought a path to play football safely, and where it was safe allowed fans to attend.

The question was, would high school football games lead to spikes and spread of Covid.

1,000 plus games now in the books and the news is good. To our knowledge, there have been no reported cases of significant community spread following a high school football game.

The point of this blog isn't to "dunk" on the states that didn't play high school football. Different states have different risk management systems. I wasn't the one making the decisions.

It is worth noting that this report from Football Scoop (a leader in the football industry among high school and college coaches) is unverified. I do not think that they are suggesting that there will be zero coronavirus cases within football programs across the country. For example, in late August a team in Utah had to cancel a game due to cases within their program. They ended up playing this past Friday, a week after their canceled game, so that seems to be good news? 

Hopefully, the good news keeps rolling in. There have been around only 1,000 games throughout the country, so not the biggest sample size, but it is definitely not something to look down upon. I could do the whole "that's right, coronabros! I knew better than you!" thing, but who is that gonna help? Nobody! The goal here is to return to sports being played without the risk of COVID being spread. News that shines a light on that happening should be celebrated. I am happy about this news, but as we've seen from this virus, everything can change in a heartbeat.