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Another Wild Twist In The England Soccer Players Sneaking Girls Into The Hotel Story: They Allegedly Paid A Hotel Worker To Smuggle Them In The Room

I can't get enough of this story. It's the biggest story in terms of sneaking people into a bubble/hotel in the sports world during coronavirus. In case you forgot, two England stars - Mason Greenwood and Phil Foden - snuck two (tried four) Icelandic chicks into their hotel room during Nations League. Yes, I understand Nations League is essentially meaningless, but you're talking about a 20 and 18-year old, who are part of the next English generation. The more reps they get on the National team, no matter the event, the better. 

But now we have the twist that they paid a hotel worker to smuggle the chicks in. That's such an outrageous move you have to respect it. That's next level thinking. You don't just sneak them in by using a disguise like the Seahawks rookie: 

No, you're millionaires, you use your money here. Granted they are stupid and let them girls post on Snapchat that they were all hanging out in the hotel room, but they were so close to pulling the move off correctly. Just a reminder, the girls they brought in were an Iceland candidate for Miss Universe and her cousin: 

Since then the players have been suspended for a few games, essentially kicked off the roster for Nations League and fined by Iceland. Just goes to show you, celebrity or not, guys will do quite literally anything to try and get a girl back home with them. Paying a hotel worker is a new one though.