Myles Garrett Wants To "Clear The Air" With Mason Rudolph


“I just don’t want any grudges,” Garrett said. “I don’t have any grudge against him. I don’t have any ill intent against him. It’s not like I’d have anything against him if I saw him in public or if I saw him in a game and we were suited up. I’d just play him like I play anybody else. if I saw him in public, I’d just fist-bump and walk away just like if I saw anybody else on the street that I didn’t know personally. I don’t have a problem with that. Other than that night, before that play and after that play, I don’t think we spoke two words to each other.

“And now our fates are intertwined forever, and so I don’t think we should leave it off like that, is my opinion. I feel like we should clear the air so there’s no problems and there’s no bad blood. Between our teams and our fans, the rivalry I feel like will live off of it, but between the players, I feel like it should always be competitive but never go over the line.”

Ohhh boy. 

We don't have Steelers-Browns for over a month and the Garrett-Rudolph talk has already begun. I just pray that Big Ben is still healthy come October mostly because that gives black & yellow the best chance to win, but on a lesser note because it means we won't have to hear as much talk about the first meeting or Rudolph and Garrett since the helmet incident last November. 

In all honesty good for Garrett for trying to take the high road I guess? Because immediately - I mean IMMEDIATELY - fans from both sides were pointing fingers about who started it, whose fault it was, etc. Hell they even made shirts about it on both sides. So that will never change. 

It is what it is. Garrett got suspended. Rudolph will forever have the slur stigma to him. But good for Garrett for at least trying to move on.