Good Luck Not Getting Pregnant After Laying Eyes Upon This Half-Beard Mullet Combo

So before any track & field hardos enter the chat here, I am aware that this fella has apparently been rocking this look for the better part of a decade now. But it's the first time that I'm seeing it and considering I don't think there's a massive crossover between the audience here and Italian track & field, I'd imagine it's the first time a bunch of people are seeing it. And let me just say this right now...

What a preposterously hot look. We're talking the average temperature of molten magma levels of hot here, which is typically somewhere between 1,292 to 2,192 °F. The mullet on its own is supremely spicy. The half-beard on its own is supremely spicy. But you put the two of them together and you've got an automatic panty dropper. The type of look that gets those panties to drop faster than Usain Bolt on 100 meters of polyurethane. Certified stallion.