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The ACC Hoops Coaches Are Proposing An 'All-Inclusive' NCAA Tournament Where Every Single Team Makes It ... Uhh, No Thank You Losers

Let me be very clear about this. Absolutely fucking not. This is such a dumb idea that's only there to help save coaches jobs. They can say they made an NCAA Tournament. Other than that it makes absolutely zero sense. We already have an all-inclusive tournament - it's called the regular season and conference tournaments. Every team in the country has a chance to make the NCAA Tournament. 

This is just a sign of loser thinking. Not good enough? You don't make the NCAA Tournament. Pretty simple. Why are we getting away from that? This is something we should preach. You want to make the NCAA Tournament you either are an awesome team in the regular season or you win your conference tournament. It's that simple. 68 teams is more than enough. We don't need 357 teams or whatever number we're at this year in Division I to make some ridiculous event. The beauty of March is the true win or go home for 3 weeks. This setting you're talking about like a 6-8 week event without conference tournaments and it's just such a terrible idea. 

On top of that, how the fuck do you seed all these teams? Every year we bitch about how bad some of the seeds are, now you're talking about arguing seed 200 or something like that? No thank you. I'm honestly shocked the ACC is the one preaching this. They get the benefit of the doubt. This feels like something the American or A-10 or MWC or one of those conferences would pitch instead. It's actually appalling that the ACC is doing this. Have some pride. We don't need to see Arkansas Pine-Bluff playing in as the 332nd best team. They don't deserve to be there. 

The NCAA Tournament is sacred man. Not only that but so are conference tournaments. That week and a half is legit awesome. You get teams playing for the auto bid, which in majority of conferences is everything. I don't want to get rid of that. We're also talking college hoops here. This isn't rink basketball. This is competitive major hoops. Keep it that way and stop trying to get cute. I've said before I'm down for outside the box thinking, but this is just so stupid. The NCAA Tournament is 68 teams. That's it. No more, no less it goes back to 64. It's the perfect setup. 

That said, Coach K leading the charge on this is kinda hilarious. The man has lost to Lehigh and Mercer this decade in the first round and I'd LOVE if he lost to the 310th team in the second round of a 12-round tournament. Would be a top-1 day on Twitter. 

Don't take this away from me damnit