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Does This Look Like The Face Of The Most Spoiled Hockey Fan In America? Vegas Now Has More Playoff Wins Than 4 Franchises

I am to the point of the NHL season that I begin to irrationally hate everyone still playing simply because they're not my team. I don't want to see anyone having fun watching hockey because I am miserable. Normally, Vegas would be the perfect franchise to have win because they're new and shouldn't have too many fans on the internet to bother me and rub my nose in shit. Unfortunately...Jeff motherfucking dLowe adopted the Knights and is throwing his joy in my face every other night. It sucks. He got in at the ground floor and I am glad he did because more fans is always good but seriously FUCK that guy and fuck this team. Look at this stat

I can't even imagine how jealous and angry Minnesota fans are. They see hockey as their birthright. They think of hockey as being a personality trait. The Wild have been in the league now for 20 years and they can be described as "meh" for the entire time. Just a try hard little franchise that can't get out of the first round. A 20 year head start and Vegas already has more playoff wins than them in 3 short years. That is preposterous and quite honestly, unfair. They're having so much fun. They look, to me, like the best team in the NHL(I think they'd bully the teams remaining in the East). This isn't how it is supposed to go for expansion teams. You are supposed to prove your loyalty and love through at least 5-10 years of being absolute shit. You cut your teeth with heart ache and despair and depression. But NOPE. It's been nothing but wagons and optimism from the very first day of the franchise. In their history Knights fans have had one bad day

While that was a VERY bad day they need to feel more pain. You can't just wake up, make the Final in year 1, playoffs in year 2, and then Cup in year 3. That shouldn't be allowed. Being a hockey fan is hard. It's supposed to be hard. Not as hard as the Blackhawks have made it historically, but hard nonetheless. Vegas has great players, an owner who wants to win, and they have players coming in their prospect pool like Krebs, Glass, and Dugan among others because they hijacked extra draft picks during the expansion draft. They're incredibly well run and it bothers me. The only saving grace regarding Jeff is that he is also a Browns fan. He has the sports fan misery box checked, but the rest of their fans are spoiled fucking rotten and they're going to force me to root for other teams that I also hate because I can't stand seeing these people happy. It ain't right.