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Indiana Basketball Fans Continue To Prove They Are The Saddest, Most Pathetic Group In All Of College Sports

I legit laughed when I saw this. Everyone is addicted to oral history stories now and granted there's nothing really going on in the college hoops world. Sure, whatever. But then I saw the beginning of this and couldn't help but laugh. I don't mean to beat a dead horse but it's getting sad. I'm here to help Indiana fans. Y'all gotta stop being just pathetic, because that's the only way to describe it right now. Look at these lines:

Indiana’s win that December day has stood the test of time. It remains a touchstone moment for the IU program, one representing Indiana’s return to the national college basketball stage

The 2011 triumph over Kentucky, still the last regular season meeting between the schools, represents the rebirth and resurgence of basketball in Bloomington

Rebirth! Resurgence! Return to the national college basketball stage! Just some notes about this, because this is how fall Indiana has fallen from a great program to mediocrity and nothing. Including that 2011-12 season, Indiana has made the NCAA Tournament just 4 times. They've missed it 4 times, not including this year where they were firmly on the bubble. Call me crazy, but if you're talking about the return to the national college basketball stage you should make the NCAA Tournament more than you miss it. On top of that, they haven't made it past the Sweet 16. Not even once since the 2012 NCAA Tournament. 

Since the WatShot, Indiana has fired Tom Crean and put Archie Miller on the hot seat. Potentially running through 2 coaches within 10 years isn't 'a resurgence.' It's showing you have no clue what the fuck you are. Indiana is a mediocre program that wants to compete with the biggest names but simply can't. They lose top recruits in the state all the time now. There is no prestige when you hear Indiana unless you're over the age of like 35. 

Again, great shot? Sure. But we're talking a regular season game that meant nothing. Oh, not to mention Kentucky beat them in the NCAA Tournament THAT YEAR. Maybe that's something you don't celebrate? You can say it was an important win, sure. Any team that beats Kentucky treats it that way. But, there's no resurgence. There's no rebirth. There's no Indiana on the college basketball map. They are a middling team in the Big 10. We don't say this about Iowa. 

Have some pride for me one time Indiana.