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The Heat Need To Publicly Thank Tyler Herro For Helping Change Their Franchise By Decommitting From Wisconsin And Going To UK Instead

Not exactly a secret that the Heat are in the Eastern Conference Finals and look damn good. One of the reasons why? Tyler Herro. The dude dropped a 14/8/6 in a series-clinching game while he also closes every game for the Heat. That shows just how important he is to the team. Plus, he's pretty much best friends with Jimmy Butler and that feels like a win alone. He's also upped his points per game, rebounds, assists and 3pt shooting in the playoffs. Seems pretty important! 

But the Heat need to do one thing before the start of the Eastern Conference Finals. They need to publicly thank Tyler Herro for decommitting from Wisconsin. It's the main reason they are where they are. Without Herro, the Heat likely aren't playing the way they are where they can spread the floor and let Butler attack from the top of the key or let Bam initiate the offense from there. 

Tyler Herro decommitting from Wisconsin literally made him millions of dollars (go ahead and get your jokes off). He turned into a lottery pick specifically because he didn't have to play in Wisconsin's offense. Watch that video of Herro in high school talk about it. He knew it back then. You can't shine in that Wisconsin offense, especially with Herro's game to go with Ethan Happ. The swing offense isn't set up for Herro's game. Meanwhile at Kentucky he was able to be a playmaker, showcase his ability to score and be one of the top-2 options on an Elite Eight team. 

Then Pat Riley loves drafting and signing Kentucky players. Tyler Herro isn't even on his radar If he wears that red. So not only did Herro deciding to go to Kentucky make him millions of dollars, it saved the Heat franchise. Really just showing what can't Calipari do? He's saved Kentucky hoops from Billy G. He's saving NBA teams from missing a player. 

This blog won't do it enough justice. The Heat need to publicly thank Kentucky, Coach Cal and Tyler Herro's decision making if they want to make the NBA Finals.