Giannis Already Going To The Excuse Of Not Having A Home Court Advantage Is Sad To See

Ohhhhh no Giannis what are you doing? It's hard enough that your team just lost in 5 games in the second round when many considered them NBA title favorites. The last thing you should be doing is immediately playing the "we didn't have our fans card". What a horrrrrrible look for the MVP and DPOY. I hope to god that if the Celtics ever get eliminated they do not talk about not being able to play in the Boston Garden. That shit is so goddamn weak and honestly pretty embarrassing. Guess what, a neutral court is the best way to determine who the better team is. It's the ultimate equalizer. The facts are the Bucks weren't good enough. That doesn't change no matter where they play. Don't discredit the Heat like that. 

You just can't be the MVP and say stuff like this. It may have impacted the Bucks more? How embarrassing. This would make me so mad as a Bucks fan. Show some accountability. You lost because your coach is a moron and didn't play his best players playoff minutes. You lost because Eric Bledsoe was once again a no show in a huge game. You lost because the Heat were a great matchup and played better. Not because you didn't get to play in front of your own fans.

So please, to any other player that might one day get eliminated from the bubble, do not talk about how you didn't have a normal homecourt advantage. It's pathetic.