Yankees Put Up Another Lifeless Performance To The Jays And Somehow Fall To .500 On The Season

Adrian Kraus. Shutterstock Images.

Blue Jays 2 Yankees 1

The Yankees disaster slide finally caused GM Brian Cashman to meet with the team to light a fire under their ass. He reminded them that no one is coming through that door to help and this is all on them. They need to play better. Cash did a similar thing during the 2009 season when the team was struggling in Atlanta and they went on to win their 27th World Series championship. The immediate result from today’s rah-rah speech was a pathetic one-run effort where the offense stranded a small village on the base paths. Truly agonizing to watch. 

It seems like the only guy that got the message was J.A. Happ of all people. Tonight he was all you could have ever asked for going six and a third innings allowing just two runs on four hits, striking out ten on 113 pitches. If the offense had any kind of life we’d be blowing Happ up and down for that start. Instead his performance will get slept on because these losers managed to score one fucking run on a measly sac fly. First inning Taijuan Walker walked three guys in a row and escaped unscathed. He stranded two more in 2nd. In the 5th they loaded em up with nobody out and only walked away with one. This team with any kind of RISP situation has as much of a chance as a group of blind children. It’s unwatchable. Zero approach whatsoever. Everyone is trying to hit that big home run when really all they need is a poke to left to get shit going. 

Like I’ve been saying, you just have to laugh at this point. One day they pitch but can’t hit. The other they hit but can’t pitch. Some nights they can’t do either, but it seemingly is gonna take a human sacrifice to have both go their way. 

21-21 after a 16-6 start. Sickening. Orioles won 11-2 tonight and the Tigers are on the verge of doing the same. Pretty soon they’ll be looking up at those teams for a playoff spot and they have no one to blame but themselves. Don’t give me any bullshit about lights or injuries. You get as many guys as you did tonight in scoring position you have to capitalize. I mean give me a fucking break Gary. 

The world continues to laugh at this team and they have no reason to stop. Figure it the fuck out. 

Boone keeps on going with his positive schitck too. It's the same regurgitated crap after every loss and it's exhausting to hear. 

Leave it to a guy like Luke Voit to say what needed to be said. 


Please wake up.