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A-Rod And JLo Reportedly Haven't Given Up On Buying The Mets, Say They Would Raise The Payroll To $225 Million, And Would Donate $100 Million To Charity If They Didn't Win A World Series Within A Decade

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NY Post- Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have not seen the dry ink on a deal that makes Steve Cohen the primary owner of the Mets. So, they refuse to surrender in their desire to purchase the club even at the eleventh hour. “It ain’t over until it is over,” Lopez told The Post. “We are New Yorkers and we are not going to give up. We feel we have the best bid for the sport, the team and the city.”

As part of their pitch, the duo said Lopez (not A-Rod) would be the control person for the team, which would make her the first woman and Latina woman to be in such a position in MLB. It would also remove the question if the polarizing Rodriguez could get ownership approval.

In addition, Lopez and Rodriguez told the Post their bid was either similar or better than the $2.35 billion bid by Cohen, that they would guarantee a World Series win within a decade or donate $100 million to New York charities and that the intention was to raise the payroll to the $225 million range and, in Rodriguez’s words, “compete for a World Series championship every year. That is what New York fans deserve.”

But is there still a door ajar for the Lopez/A-Rod consortium to slip in and buy the team? Sources have told The Post that there were currently no hangups in Cohen’s purchase and that the slowness in finalizing the deal owed to the complication of language, mainly for tax reasons. The potential hiccup could come, the sources said, if Cohen can get the necessary 23 out of 30 owner votes to gain official control, considering that his company paid a $1.8 billion insider trading fine and is currently tied up sexual discrimination litigation.

As a wise man once said, desperation is a stinky cologne and this report stinnnnnnnnnnnks. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with A-Rod and JLo trying to save some face before a man legendary for getting what he wants adds his favorite baseball team to his collection that includes a shark in formaldehyde, a gigantic balloon animal, and a pointy stickman that are all individually worth more than the lives of me and my entire extended family. You guys wanna watch that awesome Uncle Stevie hype video again? Good, me too!

A-Rod and JLo can promise a huge payroll, a dynasty of 28 RANGZZZZZZZ or curing world hunger as their bid sinks to the bottom of Flushing Bay. The bottom line is if they were the bid the Wilpons wanted to accept, the Wilpons would have already accepted it because those motherfuckers NEVER leave a dollar on the table. Maybe Alex's pal Jeets will sell the Marlins once he's done giving them the gift basket treatment or Hal Steinbrenner will sell off A-Rod's former team to a group of roughly 8 zillion different investors. But Uncle Stevie is coming during this fraudulent season.

And in case all that wasn't clear enough, I'll let Mets fan Matthew Broderick spell it out for you.

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