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Lincoln Riley Will Not Release COVID Testing Data Moving Forward So Oklahoma Can Get A "Competitive Advantage"

Here's the thing about college football coaches, they are essentially motivational speakers that know a shit ton about a certain topic. No matter the situation, they will find a way to squeeze out every drop of an advantage they can get. Is your mother on her death bed? Good, this will give you a reason to play harder on game day, you are doing it for your mama! Did your girlfriend cheat on you? Good, think of the other teams QB as the guy who she cheated with. 

Football coaches also live in their own bubble where they don't care (for the most part) about what you think. That's changing a bit in the social landscape, but as long as it doesn't fuck up their recruiting? They don't care. Lincoln Riley said this not because he's some awful human, but because he truly doesn't see anything wrong with this. The only thing he cares about is winning. It's the fall and he's going to be sleeping in his office 4 nights out of the week, even when he's preparing for an FCS opponent. His family barely matters to him right now, so yeah, he's gonna find a way to use the COVID numbers for his own competitive advantage, damn it. He also doesn't care about your snarky tweets either. He's here to win by any means necessary.

Football. Guy.