I Expect Chase Young To Dominate His First NFL Test Against Jason Peters


I know I'm supposed to stay humble and say this is a test for Chase Young. That he's going up against a future HOFer in his first NFL action. Remember, there was no preseason. No full speed, pads on pads, trying to annihilate the other QB action. So as much as we're supposed to rip off cliches like "this is a big test for the rookie" and "will Chase Young be nervous going up against Jason Peters?"...I think it's the other way around, and I don't feel weird saying that.



This is going to be a test for 38 year old Jason Peters to see if he can still play tackle in this league. Remember, he re-signed in Philly over the offseason to play guard. Philly drafted a tackle in the first round who is now out for the season. So it's really Peters or nothing for Philly to keep Wentz upright, and he'll have to do it against a front of Chase Young, Montez Sweat, Ryan Kerrigan, and perhaps the most underrated DE in the league, Matt Ioannidis, not to mention Payne, Allen, and Ryan Anderson. Fucking crazy how good that Dline depth is.

I expect Chase Young to be doubled all season. I also expect him to get double digit sacks, as should Sweat and possibly Kerrigan, Ioannidis, or both as well. 

I don't know if this blog is a "hot take". Maybe I'm shooting from the hip, but I think Chase Young is that good. I think with how good the rest of the Dline is, he is going to have every opportunity to go off. I still watch those tapes from when he quote "disappeared" vs Clemson, and he was triple teamed and chipped on every play, and still forced Trevor Lawrence to scramble and make off-balanced throws. It's actually insane to watch if you haven't seen it, just how dominant he is.




I can't wait to watch him eat starting on Sunday. I haven't been this excited for a player since…well…you know who. I will not relent in my optimism. Pray for Jason Peters.