Chris Bosh Says The Bulls Were His #2 Choice Back In 2010

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I'm sorry to any Bulls fans out there and the Chicago boys if they clicked that video. That has to sting. There's nothing worse than when an All NBA talent and elite free agent comes out after the fact and says your favorite team was their #2 choice. I'm still recovering from Kevin Durant saying that shit about the Celts in 2016. Fucking sending Kelly Olynyk to the Hamptons, sigh. 

So it has to sting to know that prime Chris Bosh, you know, the guy who was coming off a 24/10 All Star season and was just 25 years old wanted to come to the Bulls if not for the Miami Heat super team. Let's just remind everyone how good the 2010-11 Bulls ended up being even without Chris Bosh. That team went 62-20! Derrick Rose won the MVP, Loul Deng was actually still really good, they had shooting with Kyle Korver, Joakim Noah was a defensive monster, can you imagine if their starting PF was Prime Chris Bosh instead of a 29 year old Carlos Boozer? Man.

Also how about the salt on the wound from JJ Redick? I had completely forgotten that he signed his offer sheet to join the Bulls. The Magic ended up matching the 3/20M deal which is unfortunate. You add those two around DRose? That would have been one fun ass team to watch. There is nothing like a quality NBA "what if", and this one certainly qualifies. Who knows what other stars that core would have attracted and how the entire league may have looked way different. 

Then there's the whole ripple effect when it comes to LeBron and the Heat. Does he still go to South Beach if there's no third guy? Does he have two less rings right now? Chris Bosh had some pretty gigantic plays for the Heat during their title runs, it's fun to think about what could have been. Does he never become the villain and just stay in CLE this whole time? That would have probably ruined their chances at Kyrie/Wiggins/Love etc. Does he instead go to New York and be their savior? It's wild when you think about it.

Bosh did have a hilarious ricochet shot at the Knicks too. At least they got a meeting! Pretty sure that warrants a banner nowadays. 

So sorry Bulls fans. It would have been pretty sweet to see Bosh join forces with that core in 2010, but sadly all we can do is say "what if".