Belichick's Perfect Recall of 1967 Navy Football Proves He is Not of This Earth

Listening to this interview, especially toward the end when Belichick starts casually rattling off the 1967 Midshipmen football schedule and the results in order, extemporaneously off the top of his head like he'd crammed for this phone interview like it was his college finals, I couldn't help but think of one thing.

Remember two years ago when we fell all over ourselves at Sean McVay's eerily inhuman recall of plays? 

I'll admit, that's impressive. I write up every Patriots game in the greatest detail I can possibly achieve. But hours later I'm cross-checking notes and box scores to get the facts right. So yes, that takes a sharp mind, which McVay clearly possesses. 

But let's see another person on the planet be able so spit out college football results from almost 20 years before McVay was even born. With perfect accuracy:

I checked just to be thorough. But if Sports Reference had it differently than Belichick did, I'd assume they got it wrong and insist they correct their mistakes to reflect his recollections. 

Belichick's memory is so didactic, he can cite individual plays with the same uncanny accuracy of a McVay, while at the same time retaining the scores and locations of college games so old that if they were people, they'd be almost out of the key advertiser demo of 18-54. It's further proof - in case you still needed convincing, that he's not human. He's from another world or some higher level of existence. Some dimension populated by beings whose brains give them what seem to be godlike powers to us puny humans. Or are, in fact, gods. 

Scientists talk all the time about the next advancement in our evolution will be to upload a human consciousness into a computer. I insist we do Belichick's brain first, so that we can preserve all this knowledge indefinitely. And that future generations of increasingly dumb people who have spent their lives gaming, getting food delivered and masturbating will know that such a thing as tackle football once existed. That it was glorious. And that one man mastered it.  Make this happen, now.