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Shout Out The NCAA For Fighting For Justice: Denies A Transfer Waiver For A Western Michigan Hooper, Whose Coach Got Fired And New Coach Gave Away His Scholarship

It's nice to know in times like this and things seem 'off' the NCAA is still just the worst. People are getting waivers right and left this year for transfers. The NCAA is actually doing the smart thing and approving pretty much every transfer waiver with coronavirus and the uncertainty of teams, etc. But oh no my friends, this is the NCAA. They can't just be smart.

Enter Michael Flowers, a guy who averaged 17 points per game last year. 

 Pretty good guy. Then look at March 11: 

Western's head coach Steve Hawkins gets fired. Flowers, like a normal, smart athlete, puts his name in the transfer portal. Wants to see what else is out there since the guy who recruited him and who he played under got fired. What happens next? Well according to Flowers his new coach gave away his scholarship, because no matter what people think this is strictly a business. This is why I laugh when people preach the NCAA only cares about the 'student-athletes.' 

And now it's proven even more with this ruling. Flowers has never been suspended. He doesn't have a scholarship after exploring options, because yanno, his coach left. How this waiver isn't accepted but someone like Tate Martell and Justin Fields gets a waiver last year makes no fucking sense. 

Shout out the NCAA, they don't need your applause, they'll just keep screwing up simple decisions. Just let guys transfer without sitting out at least one time, ESPECIALLY if their coach is fired or leaves. Then again common sense with the NCAA isn't exactly a term we hear often.