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Man Tries To Kill Fly With Electric Fly Swatter, Subsequently Blows Up Half His House

Before we even dig into this story, I just wanted to say that flies never bothered me much. Like yeah, they're obnoxious but is it worth blowing up your house to try and kill one? No. It's doubtful that blowing up his house was this man's intention but yet here we are.

It honestly never made sense why everyone felt the need to ice these lil mafks. Let alone going out of your way to purchase paraphernalia to kill said flies. The lifespan of a fly is only like a day anyway. The problem will solve itself. There's simply no need to initiate a Tom & Jerry-esque chase to kill a singular fly*. Walter White had to learn the hard way.

*unless it's on the TV. Then you have no other choice but to rip the wings clean off that bastard.

Maybe it's a little different if you have a serious fly problem. At that point, you'd have to imagine there's a much larger issue than a couple o' flies. Perhaps a shower might help. How about investing in some of those pheromone strips? That way you don't have to use guerilla warfare in order to kill the fucker. You just sit back and let the strips get a hold of em. 


A man in France blew up part of his home while chasing after a fly with an electric swatter.

People who buy electric fly swatters cannot be trusted. I'd honestly argue that if you buy an electric fly swatter you should be put on some sort of government list where they track your every move. Just buy a normal one! You're a fucking PSYCHOPATH if you're genuinely running around your home trying to Dikembe Mutombo some flies with an electric shock. 

Come to think of it, I've never actually seen anyone use an electric fly swatter to kill an actual fly. It feels like half of them either don't work or are used solely for the purpose of shocking other human beings. If you're actually strapped with one of these, waiting for the moment that a fly shows up, questions need to be asked. 

According to Sud-Ouest, an 82-year-old man became irritated by the buzzing of a fly while eating dinner Friday evening in his home in in Parcoul-Chenaud, a village in the Dordogne region in southwestern France, and began swinging at it with an electric fly swatter. Unbeknownst to the man, a gas canister was leaking in the home at the same time.

A spark from the swatter ignited the gas, damaging the home’s kitchen and the roof. The man managed to escape the house with minor burns on his hand. 

Giphy Images.

This is some serious final destination type shit. Thankfully he came out of it rather unscathed but holy shit does that suck. One second you're enjoying a fine dinner, perhaps a nice glass of wine, the next half your house is gone. Life really does come at you fast. This only adds fuel to the fire (no pun intended) to not buy an electric fly swatter. 

The biggest question has to be; why was he swinging it around the gas canister in the first place? 

"Uhh maybe because the fly was on it, Ethan. Idiot."

Call me crazy but it doesn't feel like a great idea to be swinging a handheld electric chair near a gas canister at any point in time. Leak or no leak. Best case scenario, you kill the fly with no damage. Worst case scenario, you burn down half your house. The cons significantly outweigh the pros significantly here. If the fly was really bothering him that much, he could've just pulled the ole' switching of the rooms. People forget a fly can't fly through a closed door. 

Wishful thinking, I know. He needed to defeat the fly. There was simply no other way.

The fate of the fly is unknown.

Imagine after all this hassle, all this damage, the fly still lived. It would be the ultimate mugging off. Made him look a right mug. That house instantly becomes property of the fly, no? Only seems fair. You can't be getting run amuck by a fly. I get that everyone looks stupid chasing a fly but if you literally blow up your house to kill a said fly and it lives, you have to retire from life as a whole. Just call it quits. 

That's why you have to determine right then and there "is this worth it?" Often times, no, it's not worth chasing around a little fly for half an hour. One swipe at the fly and you know whether you can kill it or not. No need to try and play hero ball. That's how you end up with half a house. Again, thankfully he's ok but maybe next time he shouldn't get into such a tizzy over something so minuscule.

PS - I couldn't not include the highlights from the "Fly" episode of Breaking Bad. Literally the first thing that came to mind when I saw this story.