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UK Coach Stuffs The Entire Raiders Organization In A Locker After Trading Lynn Bowden, Reminding Them How Much They Stink At Drafting

Goddamn am I happy that UK didn't lose Vince Marrow this offseason. The dude bleeds blue and also is just bringing in massive recruit after massive recruit. Pretty good recipe. But also he's not afraid of Jon Gruden or Mike Mayock. Oh, the Black Hole? Bring them on too. Why? Because you don't just trade Lynn Bowden and claim the transition from WR to RB was taking too long. YOU JUST DRAFTED HIM MORONS. Oh and if you think it's something more than that Bowden and the Raiders say otherwise: 

Yo, what? How do you draft a guy in the 3rd round and trade him for less just because you blame coronavirus? That legit makes no sense. Also, you know, maybe just put him in different spots instead of full time running back? See how the Packers used Randall Cobb when he was a rookie? Seems like that makes sense, but then again the Raiders are the Raiders for a reason. 

Call me crazy, but give me this guy and line him up anywhere and let him make plays. It works, trust me. Ask Virginia Tech or Florida or Penn State.