Chase Away The Post-Labor Day Blues By Listening To Mike Francesa Read The Lyrics To WAP

Yeah yeah yeahhhh, I know this isn't technically THE Mike Francesa reading the lyrics to WAP. But as always, Big Action Bill absolutely nails exactly what Numbah One would've said in this situation which helps offset the sadness of summer going away yet again a little bit. Everything from the subtle zings in the beginning to the explanation of why pussy should be said to the outrageously unintentional comedic tone every time he said pussy and ughkay were as if the big man was singing this musical masterpiece himself. 

If this was a full re-enactment, we probably would've had a few bluh bluh bluhs, Mike asking at least one question to Monz before he threw it to the Mink Man who probably wouldn't have survived the first had P-word being dropped on live terrestrial radio. Even as a diehard Mongo, I'll admit that Mike kinda faded into the background on the radio over the last few years because the media landscape has changed so much. But videos like this remind us all why Michael Patrick Francesa was Numbah One for all those decades regardless of how much sports knowledge actually resided in his brain.