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Wake Up With NYC

I'm going to NYC with Carl today. That city completely and totally fucking blows. Frank Sinatra is cool though, so we're waking up with him. Bet that guy slayed box at a rate that would make Son of Sam blush. 

A few housekeeping notes: 

- I would really consider calling in sick if I were Marty Mush. Gonna talk lots of shit about the yankees on this trip
- Carl flew out O'Hare today, in spite of claiming to be the world's biggest fan of Midway Airport due to his south side roots

I know this because he sent me the screenshots of his ticket. If I claimed to be the world's biggest "X" anything and didn't follow through on that he'd make it a personal bit to get internet points for as long as possible, but since he moved from the South Loop to North Center last week, he probably realized that it's almost as if people typically travel in and out of airports that are most convenient for them in terms of proximity, which can change all the time. I don't give a fuck though so I won't say how hilariously mind-blowing it is after years of hearing him talk about Midway this and Midway that. Literally mind blowing. 

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Anyways… fuck NYC. Hell on earth. Here's a bunch of pics of garbage I've taken in NYC over the years:

There's a lot more but I can't find them. I hate this goddamn city. Oh, and here's me flying to NYC, not getting let up stairs, turning around and flying home last winter. That was almost 11 months ago to the day, go figure

Maybe I'll do a few whiskey reviews on the company's dime these next few days. Maybe not. I don't know, I don't know if I'll have enough time

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