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Wake Up With Some Big Boppers Demolishing Knuckleballs

Lottttt of hang time on these homers here, that's what happens when you get those knuckleballs fluttering up there. These hitters know they'll prob get 1 pitch in the at-bat that is hittable, and if its high you let it fly. If it's low, let it go. These guys def let it fly. Something so perfect about watching a knuckleball come in at 60 MPH and leave the bat at 100. Jumps off the bat too. These big guys must LOVE the knuckles. They just sit back, wait, wait, wait, and then BOOM. Guys like Nelly Cruz, Barry Bonds, Chris Davis, Prince Fielder. Some majestic bombs in here. Tough highlight if you're Tim Wakefield, Steven Wright, or R.A. Dickey.