Robert De Niro, Tommy Lee Jones And Morgan Freeman Are Teaming Up For A Crime Comedy Remake

Synopsis: A film producer in debt to the mob finances a badly written Western movie in the hopes of the production killing its aging star.

I'm actually into this for a few reasons. I loved the Morgan Freeman bits in this movie and am actually very intrigued with the idea of him as a comedic antagonist. Plus seeing Eddie Griffin will always make me laugh out of muscle memory from a ton of different shows/movies but particularly this one line:

I also think De Niro has better comedic chops than people give him credit for and I think he can excel at playing a more frantic, conman-type character. I also just love Tommy Lee Jones and think this no-nonsense, gruff character is great for him because he is essentially just playing himself. This off-screen interaction he had with Jim Carrey is still some of the funniest shit I've ever heard:

I'm not the world's biggest Zach Braff fan, especially since he won the heart of my queen Florence Pugh. However, I think he looked damn good in that 70's garb and can play frantic as well as anyone. Emile Hirsch as a bad guy(?) is also a very interesting casting, but he also has a good evil look. Overall, I'm in on this! I'm a huge fan of crime-comedy so I'll always root for anything in the genre tp succeed. I've never seen the original 1982 movie that this is remaking, but I think i'll get my hands on it for some research.