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I'm Beyond Thrilled Cam Heyward Will Be A Steeler For Life

The question had been swirling all offseason - when /. will Cam Heyward get a contract extension from the Steelers? 

He answered that late on Sunday night.

What a guy. Peak Cam to be classy enough to bleep out the F bombs in this video. He's a family man. 

But beyond the greatness of that announcement and seeing Big Ben, TJ Watt, Mike Tomlin all in a Wolf Of Wall Street Scene, the real important news is in fact that he's not fucking leaving. 

Cam is 31 so (let me check my math) that puts him in the latter half of his 30's by the time this contract will be up. Plain and simple. Steeler for life. 

Everyone says this when someone gets a contract extension, but no one deserves it more than him. 1st round pick in 2011 and he's been the absolute anchor and staple of the Steelers defense ever since. 

He was the turning of the guard from guys like Brett Kiesel, Troy P, and Ike Taylor. They handed it off to Cam, and he's filled that role and then some. Even now with young stars like TJ Watt, Minkah Fitzpatrick, up and comer Devin Bush, Cam is the straw that stirs the drink as they say. 

He's the captain. 

In the last three years he's totaled 29 sacks and 63 quarterback hits. He's constantly disrupting and the backfield, and he's always on the field. The only year he's had injury problems was 2016 when he only played 7 games. 

Productive, reliable, consistent, Steeler. 

That's Cam Heyward. Steeler for ife.