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Dr. Dre's Ex-Wife Says She Needs $2 Million a Month and the Budget Breakdown Is Hysterical

Dr. Dre's ex-wife Nicole Young has allegedly requested $2 million per month in temporary spousal support. When I saw just that number, it struck me as quite high, but I thought, "Maybe that's just how much rich people pay their ex-spouses."

And then I saw the breakdown of what she's asking for and I began audibly laughing.

Everything listed there is so patently absurd I don't even know what the most ridiculous item is. Entertainment at nearly $1 million a month is pretty ridiculous, but I guess that's just what rich people do. I'd like to know how in the world laundry is $10,000 a month. I have a place right down the street that gives me my laundry washed, dried and folded for $15 — the best deal I've ever found for anything to this day.

Where I really lost it is $20,000 a month for "telephone, cell phone and e-mail." What? First of all, e-mail is free; it's 2020. You can use Gmail and be just fine. And then even the most expensive phone plan you could possibly get is, what, $500? Somebody please explain where the other $19,500 is coming from.

This looks like one of those budgets of a millennial living in New York City struggling to survive on $130,000 because they buy $16,000 worth of edamame every month.

But you know what, you may as well ask for the moon and you'll probably land amongst the stars. Even as ridiculous as this request is, I don't begrudge anyone chasing the bag.