We've Finally Got #RelatableGolfContent From Rory McIlroy!

Holy shit! #RelatableGolfContent from Rory McIlroy! That never ever happens. For the most part Rory is not relatable whatsoever on the golf course. He doesn't win every single tournament but he rarely ever does something where you say, "I could do that." The guy is world class on the golf course even when he's not playing is best. BUT what we just saw from Rory at East Lake was incredibly relatable. Trying to kill a ball outta the rough, chunking it badly and the ball going straight into the water. Seeing that clip felt like putting on a warm blanket. That's the type of golf I'm used to seeing from myself and the people around me. That sucks for Rory but it did make all the people at home feel a little bit better about their golf game. Drink it in because it'll likely be a few years before Rory does something relatable on a golf course again.

I partially take back this entire blog, this was a very relatable moment from Rory