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Fernando Tatis Jr. Gave An EIGHT MINUTE Live Interview While Playing Shortstop During Today's Game

During today's Padres A's game the FOX broadcast had Fernando Tatis Jr. mic'd up for an EIGHT minute interview while the game was happening. Pretty fucking wild if you ask me, but equally as awesome. When I first saw this clip below I figured it was like a quick one minute thing. Nope, it was eight whole minutes. From a fan's point of view this is incredible, but holy moly has that got to be annoying for the player. Of course Tatis Jr. was a good sport and handled it no problem because he's a king, but I bet most players don't want to be interviewed for an entire inning while having to concentrate on the game at hand. At one point the Padres went into a shift and had Tatis Jr. as the only guy on the left side. I wonder if their manager Jayce Tingler had a clue his shortstop was doing this.

Still this was pretty cool. Tatis Jr. gave fans a glimpse of his motivation while trying to hype up his guy Paddack following a lead off single. 

The part where it really got annoying for the shortstop was Eric Karros' persistence on asking a question the moment Paddack started his motion to home. Buddy how about we pick our spots here? There's a good 30-40 seconds between every pitch in this game, with a ton of standing around. Feel like it's not asking a whole lot to time your question a little better for the guy playing the entire left side of the infield when there's a shift in play. 

The interview ended with him slipping an "Oh shit" when Heim let go of his bat on a swing. Nice to know we all think the same exact thing when that happens. 

Overall this stuff is very cool and gives fans a perspective they could have never imagined getting. This is shit we need more of to grow the game. Props to Fernando for agreeing to do it and being a good sport. That's why he's on the verge of becoming the face of baseball. Just maybe next time shorten the whole thing by like 80% for the sake of the player, ask better questions, and don't ask them while the play is happening. In the mean time, mic him up every game because I can't get enough of this. 

You can listen to the full eight minutes here but the main highlights are already in the blog.