Let's All Take A Moment To Remember When The Flyers Beat The Shit Out Of The Islanders In Game 7 Of The 1987 Playoffs

Winston Churchill once famously said "you can't win in 7 if you don't lose 3 first". And that's what the Philadelphia Flyers have here tonight. That's what the Philadelphia Flyers have earned here tonight. Forcing a game 7 against the New York Islanders after coming back to even the series from being down 3-1. 

The last time the Flyers played the Isles in the playoffs was 1987. It was the 1987 Patrick Division Finals. That series also went to 7 games. And in that game 7, the Flyers absolutely SHIT PUMPED the Islanders by the tune of 5-1. Complete and utter ass whooping. Granted, the roles were reversed in that situation. The Flyers were up 3-1 in that series and the Islanders charged back to win games 5 and 6. But the fact of the matter is that the Flyers came out on top of game 7 in 1987. They also took down the Islanders in a game 7 back in the 1975 finals. That year they went on to win the Stanley Cup, and in 1987 they'd go on to lose the Cup Final against the Oilers in 7 games. Either way, history dictates that the Flyers will win game 7 and they'll advance to the Stanley Cup Playoffs. 

7:30pm.  NBC. Know your bodies today, people. It is a glorious Saturday out there. Get #InOne for sure, but just make sure you're in game shape for 7:30. Can't win in 7 if you don't lose 3 first.