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Weekend Wake Up: Eiffel 65 And Their Fantastic Music Video For "I'm Blue"

You forgot about this song didn't you? Yeah, and now you won't be able to get it out of your head all day. How many days did you spend in 1999 trying to figure out if they were saying "If I was green I would die"? Because those aren't even close to the words. Fun fact, in the 5th grade talent show at Hammond Elementary my friends and I absolutely SHUT DOWN the place with our choreographed dance to this song. We had blue hair, blue clothes, blue everything, even went and got blue ice cream from Baskin Robbins after. I have to focus on the music video too. The little blue aliens are laugh out loud funny, and the guy dancing and signing in the video looks like a green screen at my cousin Danny's bar mitzvah. This whole song and video are so god damn ridiculous. Wonder whatever happened to Eifel 65 too. A true one hit wonder. 

Now have fun humming this all weekend.