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Not A Big Deal Or Anything, But Based On These Quotes It Appears Mike Budenholzer Has Zero Clue How The Game Of Basketball Is Played

Not a huge deal or anything but I'm roughly 99.99% sure that Mike Budenholzer has no idea how the game of basketball is played. Now normally that isn't a problem because Mike Budenholzer sounds like the name of an 8th grade gym teacher that is fed up with his life, but Bud is the head coach of the Bucks. Specifically he's the head coach of the No. 1 seed in the East Milwaukee Bucks, who have Giannis, who are also now down 3-0 to the Miami Heat. 

I don't even know where to start with these quotes. Each time I read one it sounds worse than the other. He sounds like a mix of Michael Scott, a drunk guy and Jordie (or any hockey/lax guy) trying to talk basketball. You can't play Giannis/Middleton more than 35-36 minutes? Does Bud know it's the playoffs? Does he think we're starting the 2020-21 season? In what goddamn planet do you not play your stars in the playoffs more than that? 4 of the Heat (with way more depth) starters played at least 35 minutes! Tyler Herro off the bench played 31! What is Bud talking about?!?

Then there's the line about the quarters. I'm even more convinced he's a gym teacher. He's making up rules. I'm thinking more and more he's baffled that the Bucks are down 3-0. He's going to Adam Silver explaining how the Bucks have won so many quarters in a row. He simply doesn't understand how the game is 4 quarters. Simply preposterous for Bud to think the Bucks won 6 quarters and are about to get swept. 

Yeah, so let those Giannis rumors start up. Sheesh.