How Far Can Josh Allen Throw a Football? The QB and Teammate Tre'Davious White Explain on Pardon My Take

To send you into Labor Day weekend, Pardon My Take welcomed on THREE, yes, THREE guests to close out the summer. Comedian/actor Jimmy Tatro came back on, in addition to the Buffalo Bills duo of QB Josh Allen and CB Tre'Davious White. The guys from Western New York discussed the upcoming NFL season, White having "Tre Day" in Louisiana, and Josh Allen's arm strength. That brings us to today's topic: How far can the Wyoming grad throw the pigskin?

Mr. Cat: Tre, how far do you think, because you're at least slightly unbiased, Josh obviously can tell us how far hw throws, but how far do you think Josh can actually throw a football?

Tre White: Uhh, just warmed up from the 1 yard line?

Mr. Cat: Yup.

Tre White: He can go over 80 for sure. I think he can close to 80. I'll give him between 75-79. I think he can go 80 but I was just going on the back end. I think it's plus 75 for sure.

Mr. Commenter: What do you think, Josh?

Josh Allen: It's right around that 80 mark, I'll go with it. I think the other day, that one traveled pretty far, right Tre?

Tre White: Ohhhhhh. You didn't have to bring that up, but yeah.

Mr. Cat: What did he do? Did he take the top of the defense and throw it over you guys?

Tre White: Yeah, that's the play he was talking about earlier. I thought I had an interception as I was looking at it, as the ball continued to travel and get farther down the field. I just noticed it was going over my head, so I'm running at top speed. 

Josh Allen: I thought you said you gave up on the play though because it was a false start?

Tre White: I did, but I was trying to catch back up. 

Mr. Commenter: You got fact checked on that one, Tre.

Tre White: I almost pulled my hamstring trying to catch the ball.

Straight off of a playoff appearance, I think it's safe to say we are all very excited to see the Buffalo Bills get their season started. Josh Allen and Tre White are very easy guys to root for. They open the season at New Era (Barstool?) Stadium next Sunday against the New York Jets.

**REMINDER: Next week's show schedule will be Tuesday and Friday due to the holiday weekend. Have a great Labor Day and we will see you next week to talk some FOOTBALL!**