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Boobie Miles Is All Of Us Right Now After The Report Out Of Penn State Yesterday About Coronavirus Was Bullshit

Dr Sebastianelli wishes to clarify his point. Well...allow me...

What an absolutely INFURIATING statement to read less than 24 hours after this asshole Doctor sent the entire internet and country into pandemonium. You can NOT just willy nilly throw out stats about outcomes from covid-19. That to me is the scariest thing about coronavirus at this point. Like, the more time goes on and the more the CDC collects and reveals data it seems like if you're in decent health now and you take precautions then you'll likely be okay if you get it. Or something. It's hard to follow all the information every day, but in general that seems to be the prevailing sentiment as of this moment. BUT…because the virus is new the only studies have been short term and the only "outcomes" measured are death and recovery. Well…long term who knows what the other ramifications are. Having a doctor out there throwing out stats like "30-35% of athletes developed a heart condition" would be an example of EXCEPTIONALLY scary as an outcome. Then a day later after pulling the pin on a grenade he has to basically say that every single thing reported was indeed…false. That is NOT good, to say the least. These are trying times . Not now. Not when the entire country is on a razor's edge. Be fucking PRECISE. God damn it. This is just turning into a stream of consciousness rant because they're TRYING TO TAKE MY FOOTBALL FROM ME! WHO PAYING YOU

We need football to heal. Don't take it away with fake news. That is all.