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In Honor Of His 2,500th Career K, Wake Up With Clayton Kershaw's Major League Debut

Look at the rook Kershaw chucking HEAT up there in his MLB debut. He was just a young pup rocking 54, now he's the old dog notching his 2,500th career strikeout. He knocked out 7 in this first start, and may still have an outside shot at 3,000 Ks. Hat tip to the man who will forever live in Cooperstown for that major accomplishment. Sure you can clown him for never having a ring, and having some mediocre appearances in October, but you can't deny that he is one of the best pitchers we will ever see. For this generation, he's got to be in the handful of guys you think of when you think of the face of pitchers. I really hope he's one of these guys we see stick with 1 team his entire career, he won't look right in another uniform. When he calls it quits he'll go down as arguably the best Dodger ever, and that's saying something. 

Enjoy your weekend, friends.