Viral Tweet On It Not Being Safe To Play College Football This Year Turns Out To Be Fake News

This tweet went viral on Twitter this morning. Every blue checkmark was snarkily commenting on it as if they were finally proven right. 

It was used as an opportunity to OWN Trump:

I could go on and on with people who quote tweeted it within media. It has over 5k quote tweets and another 15k retweets. The tweet itself must have millions of impressions. You know what doesn't have millions of impressions? This one:

So, yeah, the guy that said 30-35% of B1G athletes that tested positive for COVID-19 have heart issues? Not true. Completely made up. Fugazi. The research wasn't even conducted by the guy that said the 30-35% number. No athlete at Penn State who had COVID has tested positive for myocarditis.

Every person who quote tweeted the original tweet should reply to it with the updated tweet (Rovell did this, credit to him). It should be a rule within Twitter. Until then, I will continue to fight the good fight and report REAL news.