Which Three 2016 Movies Would You Delete FOREVER?

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Column A (Captain America: Civil War, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Deadpool): As much as I bitch about Civil War's entire plot making absolutely zero fucking sense, it's still a very entertaining movie with great ensemble development. Deadpool features maybe the best superhero casting ever, and has the irreverent vibe that I love. That leaves Rogue One out for me. I've talked about this movie before on LCB, but I feel like it was a very well made and beautiful movie that just doesn't feel like a Star Wars movie. The beauty of the original trilogy is that they were able to develop characters in a way that makes you feel empathy, attachment, and admiration for them! (Which is not a feeling that the prequel or sequel trilogy really caught either). This movie just has too many characters and too little development for any of them. In fact, the Vader ending sequence (which was added during reshoots) is not only the best part of the movie for me, but bumps the whole film up like 15 points! (Which is mostly due to its consequences relative to the rest of the franchise) We mostly grew unphased by him due to #1 Not really seeing him do anything that bad on screen and #2 Hayden Christensen. But man, did we get a fucking great glimpse at the homicidal/genocidal darkness of him in that scene. 

Column B (La La Land, Moonlight, Hell or High Water): Right off the bat I'll tell you that Hell or High Water isn't going anywhere. An evergreen rule for these is anytime you see a Taylor Sheridan-involved project, it's staying. That leaves the 2 movies from the best Oscar blunder in history. Both of these movies are basically tied for me as far as being beautiful works of art. The soundtrack to La La Land is incredible, and the performances from that whole cast (specifically Stone) are unreal. Moonlight, however, has much deeper and profound storytelling. It's my personal favorite Jenkins movie (the guy simply does not miss, by the way), and has the edge here. 

Column C (Moana, Zootopia, The Nice Guys): The Nice Guys is one of my favorite comedies of the last decade, so I don't think I'm gonna touch it. Between the other two, it's an easy axe for Zootopia. Moana has better animation, a better story and some of the best music to come off a Disney animated joint. 

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