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We Came Very Close To Having A Disaster Situation On Our Hands When It Comes To The Celtics Playoff Run

Well shit. I feel like I'm partly responsible for that tweet. Time and time again I've talked about how if Nick Wright really wanted to troll Celtics fans (his favorite pastime when LeBron lets him come up for air) he had to switch things up. Saying they have 0% chance at a title or that this team is a disaster or all his Jayson Tatum slander wasn't going to cut it. Those are the things that made us as fans feel even more confident. So I can't lie when I saw that tweet come across my timeline it shook me to my core. This is NOT what I need out there in the universe as we prepare to try and snag a 3-0 lead over the Raptors. That tweet right there is kiss of death type shit. Even if he doesn't believe it, the fact that he even typed it doesn't sit well with me. I wouldn't fault you for seeing that tweet and thinking the Celts might never win another game the rest of the way. 

But here's the good news. You can take a deep breath. It didn't take him long to totally redeem himself and by my calculations completely reverse any bad juju that may have existed with his previous tweet

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There's our guy. Based on my scientific research the Celts title chances have never been better. I don't care what the 538 nerds said the other day

Nick Wright saying LeBron is going to sweep the Celts in the Finals is better than any sort of formula or weird metric used to determine title chances. I'm not going to say it all but guarantees Banner 18 but I'm not NOT saying it doesn't. Suddenly things feel back to normal again and any type of fear I had that Nick Wright thinks the Celtics are actually good has gone out the window. Deep down I should have known he couldn't help himself in finding a way to make this about his binky LeBron. That he was really only complimenting the Celtics to prop up his guy. 

So thankfully, this was all a false alarm. A terrifying false alarm don't get me wrong, but it looks like we avoided a disaster. Thank fucking god. That was close.